Compliance checklist has been mandated by the Additional Deputy Commissioner of Gurugram, Haryana, under the POSH Act, which applies to all non-governmental organizations including companies, hospitals, banks, labs and schools, etc w.e.f December 20, 2023.

Non-formation of IC and failure for submission of annual report will attract the penalty of Rs. 50,000.

To sum up below are the obligations of any organisation with respect to PoSH:
1. Framing Comprehensive and gender-neutral PoSH policy- Reference to PoSH policy should be there in Employee Handbook/employment letter/Intranet
2. Regular Employee awareness for all employees including contractual in English and Hindi or local language depending on the widely spoken language in that area
3. Proper notices affixed in the reception, cafeteria mentioning the order constituting the IC, name, address, email id, phone number of IC members
4. Regular/ quarterly Orientation program, capacity and skill building workshops for the IC members
5. Any recommendations given by IC to be followed within the time frame
6. Company to mention in the Directors report of each year whether PoSH compliance is being adhered to.


ARACS ensures organizations comply with the POSH Act by developing comprehensive sexual harassment policies, conducting training and awareness workshops, and forming and training Internal Complaints Committees (ICC). These services include establishing clear complaint handling procedures, providing support for victims, and conducting compliance audits. We ensure proper documentation and reporting as per legal requirements, fostering a safe, respectful, and legally compliant workplace environment.

Akansha Rathi and Associates (ARACS) provides POSH Advisory services. Mrs. Akansha Rathi, Founder of ARACS is also a certified POSH trainer and has conducted more than 100+ online/offline POSH sessions.

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