BRSR Core –Framework for assurance and ESG disclosures for value chain

SEBI has issued BRSR Core-Framework for assurance and ESG disclosures for Value chain basis the recommendations of ESG Advisory committee and public consultation.

Revised Business Responsibility and Sustainability Reporting (BRSR)

Reasonable assurance of the BRSR Core

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Disclosures for value chain


Revised BRSR format incorporating job creation in small towns, open-ness of business, gross wages paid to women.

Greenhouse gas, water, energy footprints and circular economy ratios to be adjusted for purchasing power parity (PPP) for global comparability.










Parameter, attribute and data & assurance approach provided for 9 ESG attributes consists of following:

1. Green-house gas (GHG) footprint

2.Water footprint

3. Energy footprint

4. Embracing circularity – details related to waste management by the entity.

5. Enhancing Employee Wellbeing and Safety

6.Enabling Gender Diversity in Business

7. Enabling Inclusive Development

8. Fairness in Engaging with Customers and Suppliers

9.Open-ness of business

Value chain encompass the top upstream and downstream partners of a listed entity, cumulatively comprising 75% of its purchases / sales (by value) respectively.














Financial Year On basis of market capitalization
2023-24 Top 1000 listed entities





Financial Year On basis of market capitalization
2023-24 Top 150 listed entities
2024–25 Top 250 listed entities
2025–26 Top 500 listed entities
2026–27 Top1000 listed entities
Financial Year On basis of market capitalization (reporting as per comply or explain basis
2023-24 Top 250 listed entities
2025-26 Top 250 listed entities, limited assurance of above shall be applicable.


Updated format of BRSR





Format of BRSR Core for reasonable assurance





This disclosure can be made as per BRSR Core, reporting may be segregated for upstream and downstream partners or can be reported on an aggregate basis.

No conflict of interest should be there with the assurance provider including consulting services.

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