1. Convene Board Meeting & pass board resolution for conversion.
2. Reserve the name vide RUN – LLP (Optional Not Mandatory)
3. File Form FiLLiP and Form 18, If name is already reserved by RUN – LLP.
4. FiLLiP and Form 18 shall be filed within 3 months from the date of intimation by the Registrar
5. After approval of Form FiLLiP & Form 18, file Form-3 for LLP Agreement duly stamped within 30 days of approval.


1. Proof of Office address along with NOC, (if applicable)
2. Utility bill (Mandatory)
3. Subscribers Sheet (Mandatory)
4. Statement from shareholders (Mandatory)
5. Board Resolution for conversion of company into LLP (Mandatory)
6. Detailed financial statements of the company duly certified as true and correct by the auditor. (Mandatory).
7. Auditors Certificate (Mandatory).
8. Copy of acknowledgement of latest income tax return (Mandatory).
9. List of all the secured creditors along with their consent to the conversion (if any).
10. Proof of identity and address of Applicant.
11. In case partner/ designated partner is body corporate: Board resolution for authorization
12. In principal approval of regulatory authority (if required)
13. Valuation certificate (If contribution is in form of other than cash)


1. FiLLiP form is accepting details for PAN & TAN on the basis of Company cases instead of Non-company case.
2. In form-18, ROC expects for detailed financial statements along with notes & schedules instead of just Statement of assets and liability as mentioned in form.
3. No format is provided for Auditors certificate which is needed to be attached in form-18.


1 Law governing Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008 Companies Act, 2013
2 Charter documents LLP Agreement MOA (Memorandum of Association) & AOA (Article of Association)
3 Partners/Member Minimum 2 & Maximum-No limit In Private co. Minimum 2 & Maximum 200,

(In Public co. Minimum 7-Maximum-no limit)

4 Management Partners/Designated partners Board of Directors
5 Meeting Not Mandatory Minimum 4 board meetings in FY, with maximum gap of 120 days between 2 meeting. And one annual general meeting is required.
6 Statutory audit Not Mandatory unless annual turnover > Rs. 40 lakhs/ partners Contribution > Rs.25 lakhs. Mandatory
7 Regulatory compliance Low High
8 Taxes applicable Income tax only Income tax, Dividend Distribution Tax (DDT)
9 Registers and records Not required to maintain any Registers, Records and Minutes unless specifically mandated by LLP agreement Required to maintain lot of Registers, Records and to keep Minutes of Board Meetings and General Meetings from time to time irrespective of doing business or not
10 Annual filings Form 8 & 11 Form AOC-4 & MGT-7or 7A
11 ESOP (Employee stock option plan) to employees Not applicable Can issue ESOP for attracting Employees.
12 Possibility of External funding Reasonable as investment in LLP is less attractive option High as investment in company is more attractive option
13 Winding up process Easy Complex

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