Form DIR-3C

(Intimation of Director Identification Number by the company to the Registrar DIN services)


  • In Details of Manager or Secretary of the Company – Locality, District, Jurisdiction of Police Station


Form DIR-3

(Application for allotment of Director Identification Number)


  • Fetching Information from Digilocker


Form DIR-6

(Intimation of change in particulars of Director to be given to the Central Government) 


  • In Type of Changes -Change in email & phone number removed


Form DIR-12

(Appointment & Resignation of Director & KMP)


  • Purpose of filing form

a. Appointment due to disqualification of all the existing directors

b. Appointment by Liquidator/IRP/RP

  • In Details of Managers, Secretary, CFO, CEO Mobile number is needed.


Form MGT-14

(Filing of Resolutions and agreements to the Registrar under section 117)


  • Purpose of filing (Alteration in object Clause)
  • Details of Liquidation

(a) Date of commencement of voluntary liquidation (DD/MM/YYYY)

(b) Number of liquidators

  • Details of Liquidators

(i) Name

(ii) income-tax permanent account number (Income-tax PAN)

(iii) IBBI Registration No.

(iv) Mobile No.

(v) Email ID

(vi) Address


  • In type of Resolution Proposed resolution under section 94(1)


Form No. PAS-3  

(Return of Allotment)


  • Have to Confirm that “It is confirmed that no such return of allotment is pending to be filed for securities allotted prior to the date of allotment mentioned.”
  • Mode of Board resolution – Circular or Board Meeting
  • Number of votes cast in favor and against
  • Particulars of Securities allotted for cash

(a) Class of security

(b) Brief particulars of terms and conditions

(c) Number of securities allotted:

  •  Details of Conversion
  • Particulars of Agreement/Contract if agreement or contract is executed in writing for allotting securities for consideration other than cash or in case of conversion:

(a) Date of agreement (DD/MM/YYYY)

(b) Parties to agreement

(c) Brief particulars of agreement

  • Key information on valuation report if applicable:

(a) Name of firm/individual undertaking valuation

(b) Registration number issued by IBBI

(c) Email ID

(d) Mobile number

(e) Is valuer, a member of professional body i. e. ICAI, ICSI or ICWAI

(f) Membership number of the valuer

(g) Permanent Account Number (PAN)

(h) Has ICAI issued UDIN against the valuation report (Yes/No/NA)

(i) UDIN of valuation report issued by ICAI

(j) Method of valuation

(k) Valuation amount

(m) Other brief details of valuation (if any)


  • Attachments

a. Copy of Board or Shareholder resolution

b. PAS-5


Form SH-7

(Notice to Registrar of any alteration of share capital)


  • Number of Members attended meeting where decision of alteration was taken.
  • Member who voted in Favor/Against or Abstain.
  • of Members in Company (Existing, Revised, Difference)
  • Maximum no. of members excluding past & present employee
  • e-MOA & e-AOA linked
  • Appeal to the Tribunal against the order of the Central Government
  • Order of Tribunal- Date of passing of order and receipt of the same
  • Cancellation of unissued shares of one class and increase in shares of another class.
  • Attachments – Working for calculation of ratios in case of conversion


Form SH-8

(Letter of Offer)


  • Any default in complying with the provisions of the sections 92, 123, 127, 129.
  • Default in repayment of deposits, interest on deposits, debentures, preference shares, term loans to financial institutions or bank, interest of term loans and payment of dividend to shareholders



  • Attachments

a. Details of the promoters of the company

b. Copy of the notice issued under section 68(3) along with the explanatory Statement thereto

c. Audited financial statements of last three years

  • Particulars of directors and key managerial personnel


Form SH-9

(Declaration of Solvency)


  • Listing Details (if applicable)

Name of Stock Exchange, Date of Listing, Name & Number(s) of Merchant banker appointed.


  • Attachments

Copy of Board Resolution & special resolution


Form SH-11

(Return of Buy-back)


  • SH-15 (compliance certificate issued by directors of the company) not required to be attached because it is attached with form itself.
  • Listing Details – Name of Stock Exchange, Date of Listing, Name & Number(s) of Merchant banker appointed.


Form INC-22

(Notice of situation or change of situation of registered office)


  • SRN of Form MGT-14 & Form INC-28 (if any)
  • Attachments – Photograph of Registered Office showing external building and inside office also showing therein at least one director/ KMP who has affixed his/her Digital Signature to this form.



  • Disclosure of whether Register Office is Owned by Company, Director, taken on lease, Owned by any other person or entity.


Form INC-28

(Notice of Order of the Court or any other competent authority)


  • Number of days within which order is to be filed with Registrar.
  • Date of application to court or Tribunal or the competent authority for issue of certified copy of order
  • Date of issue of certified copy of order
  • Due date by which order is to be filed with Registrar.


Form INC-20A

(Declaration for commencement of business)


  • Details of subscriber payment for value of shares

a. Name of shareholder,

b. Name of the bank with IFSC code in which amount of subscription money is received for shares subscribed during incorporation,

c. Account number

d. Date of receipt,

e. Amount of receipt

  • Whether the company’s activities is/are regulated by a Sectoral Regulator like RBI, SEBI, IRDA

(a) If yes, specify Name of the regulator

(b) If Others, please specify

(c) Letter number/registration number/ approval issued under section 406

(d) Date of approval/registration of regulatory body as the case may be

  • In Attachments – Photograph of Registered Office showing external building and inside office also showing therein at least one Director/ KMP


  • In Attachments- Subscribers proof of payment for value of shares



(Application for reservation of name for new company incorporation)



  • NIC code 2008 introduced with option of selecting 3 business activities with 5-digit code.
  • Several checks/business rules/Trademark validations are put in place at FO level to check compliance with The Companies (Incorporation) Rules, 2014



(Integrated Company Incorporation Application)


  • Introduction of e-MOA and e-AOA for section 8 companies also
  • INC-3 (nominee consent form) made e-form and DSC of nominee would be required
  • Bifurcation of capital into different classes to be provided
  • The requirement to provide INC-14 as an attachment to be done away with by adding it in the ‘Declaration by Professional’.
  • The requirement to provide INC-15 as an attachment to be done away with by adding it in the ‘Declaration by all subscribers and directors’
  • The requirement of providing attachment ‘Resolution of unregistered companies in case of Chapter XXI (Part I) companies’ in SPICe+ Part B is to be moved to the attachment section of URC1.
  • The requirement to provide attachment ‘Attachment – Part A’ in case SPICe+ Part A is approved separately to be done away with.
  • Attachments removed and information captured in machine readable format


Form INC-9

(Declaration by Subscriber/First Director)


  • The requirement to provide INC-15 as an attachment to be done away with by adding it in the ‘Declaration by all subscribers and directors’
  • Attachments ‘Consent of majority of members’, ‘Consent of at least three-fourth of members agreeing for registration under this part’, ‘Declaration from all the members regarding compliance as per section 8(1)(b) and section 8(1)(c) of the Act and detailed objects of the company’ have been removed and added as declarations in INC-9 form.


E-MoA and E-AoA

(Memorandum & Article of Association)


  • Introduction of e-MOA and e-AOA for section 8 companies also.
  • Auto-population of object clause, subscriber and share capital details from SPICe+ Part A and Part B


Form PAS-6

(Reconciliation of Share Capital Audit Report Half yearly)


  • Details of Company Secretary of the Company, if any


Form MR-1

(Return of appointment of managing director or whole-time director or manager)


  • Whether the company is a public company or subsidiary of a public company
  • Whether the appointee is a Non-Resident in Part I of Schedule V
  • SRN of MR-2 for obtaining Central Government’s approval (as applicable)



  • Copy of letter of consent to act as Managing Director/ Whole time Director/Manager


Form AOC-5

(Notice of address where books of accounts are kept)


  • Documents to be attached.
  • Proof of address,
  • Copies of the utility bills,
  • Photograph of external building of RO and inside office with atleast one director / KMP who has affixed DSC to the form.
  • Latitude & Longitude to be mentioned where books are to be kept.



(Obtaining status of Dormant Companies)


  • Attachments:

a. NOC from creditors &

b. Certificate that there is no dispute in the management/ownership not required to be attached



(For conversion to company)


  • Attachments – NOC of charge holder (if any)


  • Attachments:

a. Undertaking from proposed directors to comply with Indian Stamp Act

b. In case of conversion to Section 8 company, Objects of the company and declaration that profits are utilised for promoting objects and are not distributed.

c. Consent from majority members agreeing for registration as Company.

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