It is extremely important for companies to check early on and be aware of certain vital and primary documents for the company. We have listed down some to give a broad understanding.

  1. Founders Agreement- this covers the understanding between the founders in terms of their equity stake, initial investment
  2. Employment Agreement- for any important hire that you make or your own co-founder, employment agreement should be in place mentioning the role & responsibilities, compensation, event of misconduct, dispute resolution and most importantly IPR rights.
  3. Non Disclosure Agreements- NDAs protect your startup by safeguarding your Founder’s/employees ideas, designs, trade secrets or intellectual property rights. It should have provision for return of confidential data once the employee quits and her responsibly to maintain secrecy for certain time period.
  4. Protection of your website/apps- Make sure you adequately protect your software, content by privacy policy.


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